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Proximate, antioxidants, microbiological and sensory profiles of Cashew kernel/Skimmed milk (CKM/SKM) ice cream blends during storage


Yahaya LE*, Aroyeun SO, Adeyemi EA, Oloyede AA, Mokwunye FC, Aroyeun HE, Raji MO, Ajewole AO and Olalekan-Adeniran MA

Substitution of Cashew kernel milk (CKM) with Skimmed milk (SKM) was used to produce nutritious ice cream with pleasant Cashew flavor and aroma. Five different formulations (10% 20%, 30%, 40% and 50% (v/v) CKM) were developed, while 100% skimmed milk ice cream served as control. The differently formulated ice creams were evaluated for physicochemical parameters like pH,Titratable acidity (TA), Total soluble Solids (TSS) and microbiological stabilities over 3 weeks’ storage period. The proximate and the antioxidant profiles of the ice cream were also determined. Sensory evaluation of the ice cream was done using a 25-member panel who are regular consumers of ice cream. The TA, TSS and pH of all the different ice creams reduced significantly (p<0.05) during storage but less pronounced in samples containing CKM which is concentration -dependent. The proximate compositions showed a range of values of 3.12-3.93% protein, 0.48 -1.07% crude fibre; 0.66 - 2.29 % crude fat and 80.1-82.15% for moisture content. Vitamin C, DPPH and FRAP assay of all the treated ice creams were significantly different (p<0.05) from the control sample and ranged from 4.54 -5.23; 51.97-60.81 and 63.62-70.15% respectively with increase in CKM from 10 % to 40 %. The bacterial and the fungal counts were within standard recommended for ice creams. Sensory evaluation showed significant differences (p<0.05) among the ice cream samples up to 20 % above which the taste becomes unacceptable, colour becomes darker and the overall acceptability becomes lower. Cashew kernel milk can therefore substitute skimmed milk in ice cream production.

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