International Research Journal of Arts and Social Sciences

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The "International Research Journal of Arts and Social Sciences (IRJASS)"  (ISSN: 2276-6502) is an international, peer-reviewed journal in English published monthly by INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH JOURNALS. IRJASS is an indispensable resource for Arts and Social Science researchers, faculty and students. The aim of IRJASS is to publish research articles, original research reports, reviews, short communications and scientific commentaries in the fields of social sciences and arts promptly without delay in the field of  anthropology, criminology, education, linguistics, political science, international relations, sociology, geography, history, law, psychology, communication studies, demography, development studies, environmental studies, information science, and library science. In the field of Arts, the journal covers visual arts, literary arts and the performing arts – music, theatre, dance and film. The Humanities include languages and literature. The International Research Journal of Arts and Social Sciences (IRJASS) is dedicated to the advancement of arts and social science knowledge and provides a forum for the publication of high quality manuscripts.   Our dedicated technical and editorial team members from different fields of Policing and criminology and related disciplines  ensures the quality and review standard of our publications. IRJASS publishes original articles,  book reviews and review articles. IRJASS is currently accepting manuscripts; you can support this journal (IRJASS) by sending your manuscripts to us or by joining her editorial team. You can send your manuscripts as email attachments to our editorial office at: [email protected]


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