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African Journal of Food Science and Technology

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Matthew L. Maciejewski

Department of Biotechnology, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University, Japan


  • Opinion   
    Vitamin D3 In Pickering Emulsion Is Protected By Nano Fibrillated Mangosteen Cellulose
    Author(s): Matthew L. Maciejewski*

    Oil-in-water Pickering emulsions stable by nano fibrillated polysaccharide (NFC) were encapsulate and deliver nutriment D3. NFC was extracted from a waste matter of the food trade, mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana L.) rind exploitation dissolution in a very hot hydroxide answer, bleaching exploitation peroxide, and cut employing a aggressive homogenizer. This yielded polysaccharide fibers with a diameter of around and a length of many micrometers. Emulsions containing oil and phosphate buffer (pH 7) were ready. The impact of NFC on macromolecule digestion and nutriment bio accessibility was investigated employing a simulated digestive tube model, including mouth, abdomen and tiny gut phases. The speed and extent of macromolecule digestion, furthermore because the nutriment bio accessibility, diminished with increasing NFC concentration. Varied chemical science phenomena might account f.. View More»
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