International Research Journal of Engineering Science, Technology and Innovation

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Engineering Science, Technology and Innovation provides power to a human being to develop our civilization and culture. Knowledge obtained from practicing science has enabled us to be advanced in the race. Exchange of precious information and idea in this regard is vital and requires a common platform for discussion.

International Research Journal of Engineering Science, Technology and Innovation (IRJESTI) (ISSN: 2315-5663) provides such platform for exchanging acquired knowledge and idea in all aspects of science, engineering, technology and innovation as a whole. The journal is open access, international, peer-reviewed, half yearly journal, dedicated to serving the society by presenting quality research work to the respective community. The journal aims at promoting innovative research in various disciplines of Science, Engineering, Technology, and Innovation. The journal invites authors to submit original and unpublished work in terms of original articles, written reviews, case reports, short communications, notes, etc. dealing with numerous disciplines that communicate current research. We also love to hear about the extended version of papers previously published in conferences and/or journals.

Topics cover:

Rubber Technology, Space Technology, Forensic Science and Technology, Food Technology, Engineering Technology, Nanotechnology, Ceramic Technology, Embedded System and Technology, Multimedia Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology, Plastic Technology, Printing Technology, Polymer Technology, Rubber Technology, Product Innovation, Business Innovation. Architectural Innovation, Polymer Engineering, production Engineering, Management of Technology and Innovation, Innovation in Emerging Economies, Hydropower Energy, Hydro Electric Energy.

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