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African Journal of Food Science and Technology

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Jun Niu

Department of Agriculture, Center for Agricultural Water Research in China, China Agricultural University, Beijing 100083, China


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    Avoid these seven things if you have type- 2 diabetes
    Author(s): Jun Niu*

    Consuming flavonoids is strongly linked to a lower risk of developing diabetes and/or impaired glucose tolerance. Foods with encapsulated flavonoids are being developed, but the particles must be bioavailable after consumption and remain stable in the food matrix during processing, storage, and use. The food industry would be able to create functional foods aimed at the diabetic population if these variables could be controlled. Consuming flavonoids is strongly linked to a lower risk of developing diabetes. The stability and bioavailability of flavonoids in food can be regulated by encapsulation. We'll talk about the release profile and interactions between particles and food matrix. Appropriate encapsulation methods and materials are essential for flavonoid delivery... View More»
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