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The Life Skills Included in Secondary Stage English Language Textbooks in Jordan


Mohammad Bani Amer* and Krishna Gopal Singha

Life skills are necessary to empower learners to cope with their life successfully and its challenges and prepare them to understand and respond appropriately to daily events. Therefore, thoughtful integration of life skills topics into the curricula can sensitize learners to future actualities and improve values and skills needed for cooperation with others.

This descriptive-analytic study aimed at identifying the included life skills in the secondary stage English language textbooks. The researchers modified a model for classifying life skills that suit Jordanian learners and match international models. They came out with nine domains. The researchers designed the content analysis card sought to collect data relevant to the study. The findings of the study showed that there is variance in presenting the nine main domains in the English language textbooks for the secondary stage. Even in the one domain, there is a variance in presenting the items.

The nine main domains got the following results: effective communicative gets 30.11%, the interpersonal relationship gets 12.27%, problem solving gets 11.28%, self-awareness building gets 10.67%, decision making gets 10.32%, coping with stress and emotions l get 6.97%, creative thinking get 6.82%, get 6.67%, critical thinking with only 4.89%. It was clear that the secondary stage English language textbooks in Jordan focus was on communication. Life skills distribution indicates the lack of a good strategy in the distribution of life skills in this stage's textbooks.

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