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Role of food quality assurance and product certification systems


Mohammad Khan*

Usually speaking, food quality is a relatively heterogeneous term because it is directly linked to the individual perception of the purchaser. Quality of goods is definite as a three-dimensional type comprising of: search, experience and confidence. The dimension of search is replicated by the buyer’s individual observation of quality at the place of purchase using prior information. The dimension of experience is representative in the period after the artefact has been purchased. The third dimension (confidence) of food excellence can be observed as in the case of an average purchaser who rarely or not once subjectively notices the class of the product, but they buy it because they assembled information from others. As a matter of fact, food protection is an imperative issue that distresses anyone who consumes food. Food safety could be classified as a new section of overall product quality and can make it into the third dimension of food excellence. Some customers are willing to pay a little bit higher prices for excellence assurance and hence condensed risk in food, especially during stages of safety concern. Food Guarantee Schemes are generally run as merchandise certification systems and use regular independent checks to check that applicants are meeting specific scheme standards.

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