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Andrew Reins

Computer Science Education Group, University of Paderborn, Fuerstenallee, Paderborn, Germany


  • Mini Review   
    SciFlow: Standardizing the Process of Academic Publishing and Evaluation
    Author(s): Andrew Reins*

    Logical composing is a fundamental piece of an understudy's and scientists regular day to day existence. In this paper we examine the particularities of logical composition and investigate the highlights and restrictions of existing apparatuses for logical composition. Getting from this examination and an internet based overview of the logical creative cycles of understudies and specialists at the College of Paderborn; we recognize key standards to work on logical composition and auditing. At last, we acquaint a clever methodology with help logical composition with an instrument called SciFlow that expands on these standards and cutting edge innovations like distributed computing.. View More»
    DOI: 10.14303/2141-5161.2022.235

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