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Towards Improving Participatory Literature Review Training Mode for Chinese Clinical Nurses: An Action Research Study


Siqi Zhang

Evidence based practice (EBP) is an interdisciplinary approach entailing making clinical decisions by using best scientific evidence to indicate practice. However, there are challenges for Chinese nurses who working in clinical ward to implement EBP owing to the fact of lack of training on literature review skills (LRS) which referred as the foundation of EBP. Therefore, a participatory action research of three phases aimed to explore a training mode to LRS for nurses working in a clinical ward was undertaken between November 2018 and January 2020 in Hainan, China. Eight female nurses aged from 27 to 35 years old actively participated in each phase. Phase one (first PAR cycle) was two months of preparing, while phase two was seven months of training workshops (seven PAR cycles) with continuous engagement of every participant. Each PAR cycle was embedded with its next and consisted of three stages: LR training, reflective discussion and adjustment for next. In last phase, all participants needed to complete a literature review essay within a month and then scored by two independent researchers. Individual semi-structured interviews were finally made to collect participants feedback. Thematic analysis was employed to analyse both field notes of researcher and interview with participants. All participants had reached the baseline of a good LR. A participatory LR training mode for Chinese clinical nurses was finally proposed. Improved research skills and work performance was expressed by most participants therefore their confidence was spontaneously increased. Participants preferred step-by step homework, such as forms and checklists, to gradually help them finish the LR due to busy schedule, limited private time and long break from university. However, working stress and lack of workplace based academic resources were seen as inevitable barriers to “drag along” their learning process. Clinical nurses in China still facing challenges on evidence-based practice and increasing stress on research. However, lack of systematic education on LR impeded their progress on EBP. Participatory LR training mode for clinical nurses this study proposed could be promoted to resolve this problem which exists in most Chinese hospitals even in rural area.

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