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The Use of Blackboard in Teaching General Physics Courses


N. Qamhieh*1, M. Benkraouda2, N. Amrane

General Physics 1 and 2 are a requirement for both Science and Engineering students and approximately 1000 students are taking this course every year. In the Department of Physics at UAE University, we have introduced the course on the course-management software Blackboard (BB). Besides putting the regular lecture slides and constant communication with students through Blackboard, we have established a very elaborate database of assignments for students to take at the end of each chapter. Using the embedded technology in Blackboard, students are allowed to take the test more than once with varying questions so that the students learn in each trial of the test. In this paper, we present accumulated data showing the effect of this method on the students’ learning, the student-instructor interaction and we propose an optimum way of students’ assessment in courses of this size and type.

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