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African Journal of Food Science and Technology

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The new research methodology of bio research for food science


Jian Chen*

Current societal challenges and recent knowledge acquisition now provide the conditions for the renewal of our collective vision of food science and technology. To meet increasingly complex challenges, it obvious that current reductionist approaches in food science must give way to a knowledge-intensive framework for function-driven research and innovation. This implies a need for more in-depth, multistate characterization of bio resources, leading to the detailed description of functional entities molecules, macromolecules, substructures and assemblies and the development of new transformation technologies. These must provide the underpinning knowledge to devise specific transformations, using minimal energy and water inputs, and generate the targeted end-user products. We should thus consider food manufacturing as a complex systems problem, dealing with heterogeneous product matrices agents and changing processing conditions environmental context non-linear behavior phase changes novel functional properties emerging phenomena etc. Accordingly, we propose a new research methodology and innovation agenda, hereby utilizing the knowledge that we have gained in the past decade and described in this Special Issue.

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