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Reliability and content validity of the organized physical activity questionnaire for adolescents


Carolina M. C. Campos, Dayanna da Silva Oliveira, Anderson Henry Pereira Feitoza, Maria Teresa Cattuzzo

Objective: The purpose of this study was to develop and to determine reproducibility and content validity of the Organized Physical Activity Questionnaire for adolescents (OPAQA). Methods: Initially literature was reviewed and OPAQA was developed; after that the initial version of the OPAQA was reviewed by the co-authors and by 5 experts in the Exercise Science filed with emphases on conceptual framework and methodological knowledge about construction of questionnaires. Subsequently, the 5 experts and 77 participants (aged 11–18 years; boys=33) were used to evaluate content validity and reproducibility of the OPAQA respectively. Participants were asked to complete the OPAQA twice with an in-between period of approximately 2 weeks. Content Validity Coefficient (CVC), Kappa index and Spearman correlations were used for the analyses. Results: CVC were 0.83 (for current practice) and 0.82 (for previous practice); Kappa analyses ranged 0.37-0.95 (p=0.002) for current practice and 0.82 for previous practice; Spearman correlations for overall reproducibility of OPAQA were 0.68 (p<0.001) for current practice, and 0.75 (p<0.001) for previous practice. In conclusion the OPAQA is a fairly reliable and reasonably valid questionnaire and may be used in researches that aim to investigate organized of physical activities in adolescents.

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