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Quality characteristics of biscuits produced from composite flours of wheat and quality protein maize


E.O. Giwa and Ikujenlola Abiodun Victor

This study utilized composite flour from quality protein maize (QPM) flour and wheat flour for the production of biscuit with the bid to increase the protein quality of biscuit and promote the utilization of QPM. A mixture of wheat and QPM flours were mixed separately with the same quantity of other ingredients (sugar, baking powder, water, baking fat and salt). The biscuits produced were subjected to proximate composition, physical attributes and sensory evaluations using standard methods. The protein and fat contents of the biscuit samples ranged between 10.86-11.56% and 12.96-15.21% respectively. The energy value was between 431.95 and 443.89 Kcal. The spread ratio and break strength of the biscuit ranged from 9.25-12.86 and 119.16-291.35 respectively. The biscuits produced from the composite flour were acceptable and compared favourably with the control. Quality protein maize is of better protein quality than normal maize. Its utilization will afford the consumer to have food of high nutritional value.

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