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Production and characterization of mixed fruit juice from papaya, mango, and guava fruit


Masresha Gebeyehu Ewunetu* and Sisay Wondmagegni Molla

Mixed fruit juices can provide either nutritional or organoleptic quality properties. It is also one tactic of postharvest loss reduction. This study was conducted to prepare mixed fruit juice from papaya, mango, and guava fruit. Papaya, mango, and guava fruit were processed into juice and analysed their composition. The processed fruit juice was mixed with different percentage of papaya, mango, and guava juice. Finally chemical composition, shelf life and sensory quality of the products were investigated. The total soluble solid, pH and vitamin C content decreases from 12.00-11.67, 3.80-3.67 and 45.21-16.80 with increasing of storage time from 0 to 30 days respectively. Whereas titratable acidity increases from 0.30-0.37 with increasing of storage day 0 to 30 days. According to storage results up to one month mixed fruit juice were in good condition. Among sample 25% papaya, 35% mango juice, and 40% guava juice have been the highest score and best overall acceptance. This research reveals that postharvest loss fruits can be reduced by converting fruit into attractive mixed juice and thus increase the shelf-life, which increase value of the product.

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