Prevalence of ethyl carbamate in spirits from different sou | 16175
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Prevalence of ethyl carbamate in spirits from different sources


Iwouno J.O and Igwe Victory

The amounts of ethyl carbonate (urethane) in some selected sources of ethyl alcohol distilled in Nigeria were evaluated. Three different sources of ethyl alcohol were purchased from major distributors in Aba. The ethyl alcohol samples were analyzed for glycosidic cyanide content and values obtained converted to urethane equivalent using linear regression equation as. Results obtained showed that all the ethyl alcohol samples evaluated contained glycosidic cyanide but at levels regarded as safe in human foods with values 16.59, 19.18, 20.53, 23.23, 33.755, 36.84 respectively for P1, P2, C1, C2, S1, S2. The corresponding urethane content ranged between 1.1–1.71 mg/120ml respectively coded as above are also regarded as safe.

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