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Physicochemical and sensory evaluation of soy/carrot drinks flavoured with beetroot


Banigo, E.B.1, *Kiin-Kabari, D.B.1 and Owuno, F.1

Soy/Carrot/Beetroot drinks were prepared with various ratios of the different vegetables. The Physicochemical properties, sensory evaluation of the drinks were evaluated. Physicochemical parameters of the drinks showed the drinks were almost at neutral pH as the values ranged from 5.95 in sample F to 6.42 in sample E. Values for sugar (Brix%) ranged from 8.00 - 9.00, total solid (%) ranged from 8.07 in sample F to 10.70 in sample E. Values for viscosity ranged from 0.331 pa.s in sample C to 0.415 pa.s in sample E. Proximate composition of the drinks showed values for moisture content ranging from 89.31% in sample E to 92.10% in sample C. Results for total ash fall between 0.39% in sample D to 0.53% in sample E. Sample E and F with the highest amount of soymilk and carrot drink, respectively gave the highest value for ash. Results for protein content ranged from 0.03% (sample F) to 0.53% in sample E, showing an increase with the increase in the soy content of the drinks. Values for carbohydrate ranged from 2.48% in sample A to 4.96% in sample E. The fat content of the drinks were generally low but showed an increase with increase in the soy content of the drinks. Sensory results showed the drinks were acceptable to the panelist as indicated by the average score of 5.9. Sample E (with 90% soymilk and 10% Beetroot juice was the most preferred for overall acceptability.

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