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Physical, proximate and functional properties of 'Nsama' A local variety of African yam bean (sphenostylis stenocarpa) grown in southern states in Nigeria


Ojukwu, M,, Olawuni, I.A, Ibeabuchi, C, Amandikwa, C

The physical, functional properties and proximate properties of “Nsama” a local variety of African Yam Bean obtained from Ikot-Akpan-Enin in Akwa-Ibom state were studied. The average seed weight and size were 0.13 ± 0.01 and 1.57 × 0.81 × 1.17 respectively. Results show that moisture, protein, fat content, crude fibre and ash content, for the dehulled (8.63%, 21.90%, 8.63%, 0.17%, 2.20%) and undehulled (6.34%, 20.43%, 8.22%, 0.03%, 3.26%) “Nsama” flour was significantly the same (P < 0.05). However, carbohydrate content dehulled (58.47%) and undehulled (61.72%) were significantly different. Gelation, water absorption capacity, for both the dehulled and the undehulled Nsama samples (5.00% and 6.00%, 1.73 ml/H2O/g) were significantly the same (P < 0.05) while swelling index, emulsion capacity, bulk density and foaming capacity for the dehylled and undehulled samples (2.53 ml/mln and 2.49ml/ml, 2.38ml/g and 2.49 ml/g, 0.67 g/ml and 0.63g/ml, 36.00% and 40.20%) were significantly different.

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