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Perceptions of self-concept and actual academic performance in Math and English among High School Students in Kenya


Winnie Mucheraha, Felicia Dixona, Kyle Hartleyb, Travis Hardina

This study examined the relationship between self-concept and students’ academic performance in math and English for high school students in Kenya. Participants included 1990 students from two same sex boarding schools-one for boys and the other for girls. Results showed there were sex and grade differences in academic performance and most aspects of self-concept. Specifically, girls did better in math. Performance in English was not significantly different. Grade level differences showed a downward trend relative to norms in both math and English performance with the lower grade levels performing better. This trend possibly related to the changing standards by the teachers. On the selfconcept measures, boys rated themselves significantly higher than girls except for physical appearance. As the students progressed through each grade level, their perceptions of self increased. Study implications are discussed.

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