Isolation and Characterization of Starch from Moth Bean | 15684
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Isolation and Characterization of Starch from Moth Bean


B.N.Kevate, U.D.Chavan, S.S.Kadam, J.K.Chavan and R. Amarowicz

The dry seeds contained 47.9% starch. The starch was isolated from seeds using cold water, hot water and alkali solution (NaOH, 1.5%) as extractant with 28.1, 32.8 and 29.9%, recovery respectively. The purified starch contained 0.06% nitrogen, 0.09% ash, and 0.16% lipids. The isolated starch contained 27% amylose with 4.0%-damaged starch. Water and fat absorption capacity and gelatinization temperature of isolated starch were 80.2%, 72.5% and 66.5 0C, respectively. Swelling factor increased from 1.7% at 50 0C to 21.4% at 95 0C while amylose leaching was observed above 70 0C (7.7%) and it was maximum 14.4% at 95 0C. Enzymatic hydrolysis within 24 hr was 24.9% while the acid hydrolysis observed upto 40.1% within 20 days.

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