Heavy metal levels in vegetables from selected markets in L | 15931
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Heavy metal levels in vegetables from selected markets in Lagos, Nigeria.


Ladipo Margaret Kudirat and Doherty Victoria Funmilayo

This study was conducted to analyze the heavy metal in a selected vegetable in Lagos, Nigeria. Recently matured leafy vegetable (fluted-pumpkin) from ten (10) different markets were sampled, digested using 98% nitric acid (HN03) and analyzed with the aid of Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer(AAS) to determine heavy metals. The mean concentration for each heavy metal in the samples gotten from each market were calculated and the comparison of these data was done amongst the ten markets, and compared with the permissible levels set by the FAO and WHO. Results showed that the levels of Cadmium and Zinc for the leafy vegetables ranged from 0.028±0.003 to 0.091±0.103 and from 0.348±0.317 to 0.77±0.38mg/kg dry weight respectively. Lead was not detected in all the samples . When compared with standards, heavy metal levels were found to be within safe limit.

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