Functional and physicochemical properties of mango seed ker | 16181
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Functional and physicochemical properties of mango seed kernels and wheat flour and their blends for biscuit production


Messay Birkneh Legesse and Shimelis Admassu Emire

Fresh mango seed kernels were processed to reduce tannins, and then after seed kernels flour was prepared to produce value added product. Physicochemical and functional properties of mango seed kernel flour, wheat flour and blends of flour containing 10%, 20% and 30% mango seed kernels as substituting levels for wheat flour were investigated. Results of processing revealed that maximum reduction of tannins and enhancement of proteins attained by combined action of soaking and autoclaving process. The physical property analysis showed that 30% mango seed kernels flour as substituting level for wheat flour blend had falling number (218 sec) and color grade (9.25), which is good enough for bakery added value product processing. The 30% mango seed kernels flour analyses result showed lower oil absorption and emulsion activity among the blends. Flour blends containing up to 30 % mango seed kernel flour were acceptable for biscuit production without adverse effect on sensory qualities. The substitution of wheat flour with mango seed kernel flour can contribute as pertinent resource deployment for value added product manufacturing and waste utilization which might play significance role of food security in African countries where mango fruit is abundant.

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