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English Spelling Problems among Students at the University of Dongola, Sudan


Dr. Ahmed Ali Fadul Benyo

This based on the assumption that the first was This study errors. consonantand including both vowel The researcher carried out this study weakness in English spelling. have a university students year ound problems of spelling rules and s nessUnaware to discover the factors behind these problems. -and post-lling tests (pre, two specause. To deal with English spelling errorsmight be the culties (Arts and two hundred students in two different fa intervention) were administrated to native language is Arabic, they have been studying student’sThe . gola UniversityDon Education), at taken from Sampling procedure was not specialized. t coursesthe University requiremenEnglish as Faculty of Arts and another hundred dred first year students from thetwo different settings. A hun e o thgiven t test wasintervention - beginning, the preAt the Education. ofacultythe F students from their first term of university without any explanations of spelling students in both faculties, during model test, the students in these faculties were taught a -rules or English sounds. After the pre After two months the cher for this purpose.designed by the resear spelling syllabus which was Based on spelling test in their second term of university.intervention - students were given the post , vowels ineablenotic in findings of the study were that spelling errors were, the mathe test results English sounds that do not exist in poor. Students face difficulties with re particularlywhich we the for f spelling rules is a causative factor oindicates that overgeneralization . Also, the studyicArab possible ts, it is recommended that ae resul than analysis of Based on spelling errors committed. basic spelling rules and ching correct pronunciation,tea ution for the spelling problem involvessol English spelling rules. Students should have a good he students of the exceptions toreminding t Thus, it is necessary to focus . before reaching the secondary educational levelgrasp of these skills .in primary education spelling rules and English sounds on

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