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Effects of moisture content on some mechanical properties of Soybean (Glycine max) varieties


M. O Ashaolu and A.O Noibi

The study examines the effect of moisture content on some mechanical properties of soybean. Two soybean varieties – TGx1987-10F and TGx1987-62F were conditioned at two moisture content level of 6.51% and 10.35%. The varieties were classified and identified as samples A1, A2 and B1, B2 for the two varieties respectively. Experiment was conducted using a testometric machine, and values for the following mechanical properties were obtained apart from other parameters; Force at break (N) and Deformation at break (mm)for different conditioned moisture levels. At the moisture content of 6.51% values of the stated parameters for TGx1987-10Fare 1907N and 9.9929mm while forTGx1987-62F are 916N and 9.9622mm. Also at the moisture content of 10.35%, force at break is 429.6N for deformation of 9.9953mm for TGx1987-10F while that of TGx1987-62F are 287.7N and 9.9925mm respectively. The study concluded that for every increase in moisture content, less force is required to break the soybean seed. Hence, force at break and moisture content has a significant effect on the compressive strength of the soybean. There is also a significant difference in the values of compressive strength of the two varieties. The values are higher in TGx1987-10F variety than the TGx1987-62F variety at conditioned moisture levels.

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