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Effect of improved preparation methods on physicochemical characteristics and consumer acceptability of honey wine (mead)


Demewez M. H., Hulugeze G.S. and Getenet B. G.

During the present trial Alcoholic content, residual O2 andCO2 level as well as overall organoleptic property (Acidity, sweetness, Astringency, body, flavor, aroma, color, appearance and general quality) of six type of honey wines differ in honey type used and process condition were studied. Alcoholic content showed significant (p<0.05) difference among the six honey wine types where the maximum alcoholic strength was obtained from improved and processed honey wine (12.95 + 2.69 %).Whereas the lowest alcoholic strength was recorded from Uncontrolled and Unprocessed honey wine. In this study we found inconsistent value regarding residual O2 level and there is no significant difference between honey wine types with respect residual CO2 level. Panel test of overall organoleptic property showed significant (p<0.05) difference in all the aforementioned quality attributes except body where in majority of quality attributes values close to normal (1-3 scale) and excellent (1-5 scale) were given by panelists for honey wine produce under controlled and improved condition from processed honey as compared to honey wine prepared under uncontrolled condition from unprocessed honey.

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