Effect of ambient storage condition on physiochemical and m | 16367
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Effect of ambient storage condition on physiochemical and microbial characteristics of mango mesocarp flour


Ogori Akama Friday

Moderately, ripe mango fruits from local variety were proceeds into flour using mobile wooden solar cabinet dryer at 60-70oC for 5 hours for five sunny days, to 10% moisture content level. A control sample that had been under storage study for about 96 weeks was used for the storage quality study, using physical, chemical microbiological and sensory attributes indices of evaluation. Sensory evaluation result showed no significant difference in colour at P < 0.05. Results showed increased bulk density, viscosity and swelling index in the range 0.55% -2.44%, 1-1.5%, 4.15% -5.70%, at 30oC, 4.45%- 6.80%, at 70oC. Chemical constituents increased slightly with storage period, 1.85% -2.2% fat, 1.50% - 2.13% ash, 1.80% -1.90% crude fibre, and 80.84% -83.87% total carbohydrate. The mean moisture content ranged from 5.95% -5.75% total microbial count increased to tolerable level with the storage period. Storing mango mesocarp flour at this condition and package material resulted into significant change in its physical, chemical and microbial quality.

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