Coffee cupcake added to chia flour: Enrichment and physicoch | 87397
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Coffee cupcake added to chia flour: Enrichment and physicochemical characterization


Borges Josileide Gonagalves*, Mariano Raiara Dias, Da Silva, Batista Famela, Almeida, De Sa, Gabriela Gomes, Queiroz, Aureni and Pinheiro Joao Victor Rodrigues

Cupcake was developed to bring health benefits due to presence of chia seed (Salvia Hispanica L.), which contains high nutritional value due to presence of calcium, potassium, antioxidants, essential amino acids, fiber, omega 3. Aim of this study was to develop cupcake with partial replacement of wheat flour by chia flour, to evaluate its physicochemical composition. Centesimal composition of formulations, chias flour was evaluated according to official methodology. Chia-enriched cupcakes showed nutritional improvement compared to standard cupcakes with increased protein content (6.99%), ash (2.02%), unsaturated fatty acids (24.08%), nutritional fiber (8.74 %). Showing that chia can really be incorporated into foods making them healthier, helping in preventing chronic diseases.

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