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Avocado (persia americana) seed processing into a third generation (3g) functional food snack: Nutritional, antioxidative stress and safety potentials


Arueya, Gibson L* and Amusat Oluwatobi R

Its food value and rich bioactives notwithstanding, processing avocado seeds (largely underutilized) into safe and acceptable 3G functional food snack has not been explored. The seeds(de-coated, blanched. dried, milled and sieved) were blended at different proportions with sweetened maize flour and subjected to extrusion (≈1000C, 100rpm) and hot air puffing (700C, 4hrs). Proximate, antioxidant properties and bioactive compounds of the resulting snack were evaluated. All were conducted in line with standard protocol. The snacks (mainly carbohydrate 47.3-61.8%) had low anti-nutrients with expansion ratios (2.8-3.1). Flavonoids (117.1-267.6mg/100g) and total antioxidant capacity (427.5-665.5 AAE) were significant (p≤0.05). A9, 12-Octadecadienoic acid was the predominant bioactive. Animal weight and malondialdehyde declined [110-102g; 10.18-3.58µm] in stressed avocado based snack-fed rats as against a rise in the control group. Overall organoleptically, 20% Avocado seedbased snack was most preferred. Safe and acceptable 3G avocado-based functional food snack with anti-stress and weight loss potentials is feasible, providing a novel outlet for the seed

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