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Assessment of radiation dose level in road side cooked meat in Makurdi metropolis, North Central Nigeria


Aondoakaa J.K, Akaagerger N. and GemanamS.J

Food borne illnesses may result from the consumption of food contaminated by microbial pathogens, toxic chemicals or radioactive materials. So far most studies have considered pathogenic and chemical aspect of food contamination. The study assesses the amount of radiation exposed to road side cooked meats within Makurdi metropolis. Different samples of the meat where collected in strategic locations and the Radiation Alert Inspector EXP. was used to detect the level of exposure in the meat samples. Results showed very low amount of radiation in the samples ranging between1.9  10−7 ± 0.002 �?¢�?�??�?Ž−1 − 2.7  10−7 ± 0.003 �?¢�?�??�?Ž−1 .

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