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An assessment of the nutritional knowledge, practice and status of adult HIV/AIDS patients attending an art centre in Jos, north central Nigeria


Paulina Oludoyin Adeniyi and Rasaki Adegoke Sanusi

The attempt to overcome the limitations of the commonly used anti diabetic drugs in order to combat diabetes mellitus effectively has drawn the attention of researchers to ascertaining the possible use of spices in the prevention and management of this metabolic syndrome. Different extracts of ginger have been reported to exert hypoglycemic effect but for proper application of this concept there is need to understand the mechanisms of action of this effect especially in type 2 diabetes. This study hereby determined the effect of raw and cooked ginger juice on pancreatic amylase activity in normal and high fat diet-induced diabetic rats as it affected the acute and chronic postprandial blood glucose. Eleven weeks old male albino rats (63) were divided into seven groups and treated thus: NS- normal (negative) control, NR- normal rats given raw ginger juice, NC- normal rats cooked ginger juice, DS- diabetic control group, DR- diabetic rats given raw ginger juice, DC- diabetic rats given cooked ginger juice and DD- diabetic rats given Metformin ( an anti diabetic drug). The normal and diabetic groups were fed normal rat pellets and high fat diet (HFD) for 12 weeks respectively after which the extracts were administered orally for 4 weeks. The acute and chronic effect after starch and extracts load were determined, The pancreatic amylase activity was determined using Abnova Amylase Activity Assay kit. Data were expressed as mean standard deviation while ANOVA and LSD were used in comparison. The HFD( High Fat Diet) protocol rendered the animals diabetic (Fasting Blood Glucose > 170mg/dl) while the extracts increased hepatic blood glucose significantly (p<0.05) after starch load in the chronic effect. I n the normal groups raw extract increased pancreatic amylase activity (PAA) by 1.1% but the cooked extract reduced it by 25%. Raw, cooked extracts and the drug reduced the PAA by 17, 36 and 49% respectively in the diabetic groups though this did not alter glucose output into the blood in the chronic effect. Since glucose output into the blood was not influenced by the change it the PAA(Pancreatic Amylase Activity) , the intermediate absorption process could be a probable interfering determining factor.

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