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African Journal of Food Science and Technology

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A look at the latest developments in food science and technology, including processing, safety and packaging


Victoria Kings*

While the global population continues to grow, the Earth's ability to replenish its resources is deteriorating. As a result, the bio-resources needed for food production are depleting, necessitating new techniques to feed the existing and future world populations. Scientists have devised revolutionary techniques to reduce food loss and waste, boost food production, discover new ingredients, design and construct new food structures, and integrate digitalization into the food system throughout the previous few decades. We give a broad overview of the circular economy, alternative food production technologies such as cellular agriculture, and new sources of ingredients such as microalgae, insects and wood-derived fibres in this paper. We give a description of the entire process of food design, including artificial intelligence, augment and virtual reality and block chain technology, which supports food development and digitalization in the food business.

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