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Miles Winton

Department of Pharmacy, Australia


  • Short Communication   
    Unveiling the Promise of Pharmacogenomics: Personalized Medicine at the Crossroads of Genetics and Drug Therapy
    Author(s): Miles Winton*

    Pharmacogenomics, the intersection of genetics and drug therapy, holds immense promise in revolutionizing healthcare through personalized medicine. By exploring the influence of genetic variations on drug response, pharmacogenomics enables tailored treatment approaches and improved patient outcomes. This article delves into the world of pharmacogenomics, highlighting its potential applications in drug selection, dose optimization, adverse drug reaction prevention, and drug development. While challenges such as cost and interpretation of genetic data remain, ongoing research and collaboration are paving the way for the integration of pharmacogenomics into routine clinical practice. As personalized medicine takes center stage, pharmacogenomics represents a powerful tool at the crossroads of genetics and drug therapy, reshaping the landscape of healthcare and offering a future of optimiz.. View More»
    DOI: 10.14303/2251-0176.2023.81

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