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Kaifullah Al Hamid

Department of Agriculture, University Of Agriculture, Lithuania


  • Mini Review   
    Isolated fluid treatments have an effect on the structural and functional characteristics of the legume proteome
    Author(s): Kaifullah Al Hamid*

    Few researches, to our knowledge, have used cold plasma to enhance the soybean protein's functional qualities and extraction yield. This investigation was evaluated using two distinct sample geometries (whole and ground beans), two distinct plasma chemistry modes (ozone and nitrogen oxides [NOx = NO + NO2]), and a unique pressure swing reactor. I was. Plasma treatment in the NOx mode had a significant impact on ground soybeans. The best results were obtained from pressed soybeans treated with plasma in the NOx mode, with a protein extraction yield that rose from 31.64% in the control to 37.90% following plasma treatment. The plasma-treated soybean's capacity to bind water (205.50%) and absorb oil (267.67%) increased to 190.88% and 246.23% of the control, respectively. In comparison to the control, emulsification activity and stability marginally increased. Surface hydrophobici.. View More»
    DOI: 10.14303/2251-0044.2023.16

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