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Feyissa Tileye

National Centre for Soil Research Embrapa Soils, Brazil


  • Editorial   
    Google Earth Mapping with Help from Citizen Science the Acceptance of Hypotheses in Seven Publications in Soil Science
    Author(s): Feyissa Tileye*

    Participation of non-specialists in scientific research is a crucial component of citizen science. Within the confines of the project's structures, the citizen participates as an observer or experimenter. The development of enabling technology, which is typified by the spatially-enabled "smart" phone with mapping applications and its accompanying networks, including the GPS system, is to blame for the current growth in initiatives. Two goals of citizen science initiatives are to increase the impact of scientific research and to increase public acceptance of and understanding of science. The OPAL Soil and Earthworm Survey, GLOBE, and mySoil are current citizen scientific efforts, although they are not intended for soil mapping. We identify the categories of citizens who might be inspired to participate in such activities and propose digital soil mapping (DSM) citizen scie.. View More»
    DOI: 10.14303/2251-0044.2023.01

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