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Dan Anthony

Department of Biomedical Engineering, Australia


  • Mini Review   
    Strategies for the Tendon Ligament-To-Bone Insertion in Tissue Engineering
    Author(s): Dan Anthony*

    Reattachment of a mineralized connective tissue to the bone is frequently required following these injuries. The fibro cartilaginous transition region in the uninjured tendon/ligament-to-bone insertion is a functionally graded material that shows a gradual transition from soft tissue to hard tissue. By lowering interfacial stress concentrations that could be harmful, this transition is thought to make force transmission between the two different tissues easier. The tissue is at risk of re-injury because the transition region is impaired or lost when a tendon or ligament is injured and does not regenerate after surgical repair or natural healing. A number of tissue engineering repair methods have been inspired by the requirement to regenerate a strong tendon-to-bone insertion. The present and future approaches to engineering the tendon/ligament-to-bone insertion are discussed in the co.. View More»
    DOI: 10.14303/2315-5663.2023.94

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