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Caroline Kelvis

Malopolska Centre of Biotechnology, Poland


  • Mini Review   
    Single-cell multiomics: tools and techniques for data analysis
    Author(s): Caroline Kelvis*

    Unprecedented chances to characterise DNA, mRNA, and proteins at a single-cell resolution are now possible thanks to advancements in single-cell isolation and barcoding technology. For gaining a thorough understanding of biological events, bulk multiomics analyses, such as multidimensional genomic and proteogenomic investigations, have recently proven helpful. This advantage has aided in the development of single-cell multiomics analysis, allowing for the investigation of cell type-specific gene regulation (Yusuf SR et al., 2017). The fundamental components of single-cell multiomics analysis are (1) technologies for single-cell isolation, barcoding, and sequencing to measure various types of molecules from individual cells, and (2) integrative analysis of molecules to characterise different cell types and their functions in relation to pathophysiological processes based on molecular s.. View More»
    DOI: 10.14303/2250-9941.2022.50

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