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Rapid Communication - African Journal of Food Science and Technology ( 2022) Volume 13, Issue 10

Pleaurotus Eryngii Is Used In The Making Of Pork Sausages

Louise Wicker*
Department of Food Science and Technology, University of Georgia, Athens, GA 30602, USA
*Corresponding Author:
Louise Wicker, Department of Food Science and Technology, University of Georgia, USA, Email:

Received: 03-Oct-2022, Manuscript No. AJFST-22-78936 ; Editor assigned: 05-Oct-2022, Pre QC No. AJFST-22-78936 (PQ) ; Reviewed: 18-Oct-2022, QC No. AJFST-22-78936 ; Revised: 22-Oct-2022, Manuscript No. AJFST-22-78936 (R); Published: 29-Oct-2022, DOI: http:/


The effects of 4 treatments of genus Pleaurotus eryngii (king oyster mushroom) as replacements for pork back fat were evaluated for the chemistry, technological, and sensory properties; group content; and organic compound profile in pork sausages. 5 batches were manufactured: one management (formulated with pork back fat) and 4 treatments with raw, boiled, deep-fried, and cooked P. eryngii to interchange the pork back fat in sausages. The results indicated that the fat content and energy worth bated, whereas the macromolecule, moisture, total dietary fiber content, preparation loss, and water-holding capability of the changed sausages multiplied. All samples were judged acceptable for his or her sensory characteristics, with the most effective one being the sausage containing cooked P. eryngii. The raw and cooked P. eryngii bated the residual group content within the sausages. Boiled P. eryngii increased the essential amino acids content within the sausages, whereas the opposite P. eryngii treatments improved the nonessential organic compound content. In summary, P. eryngii could doubtless replace fat in sausages. Sensible APPLICATION: In producing pork sausages, the mushroom P. eryngii will substitute pork back fat to boost the nutritionary quality by reducing fat and energy worth, whereas enhancing the macromolecule and total dietary fiber content within the sausages. Raw and cooked P. eryngii bated the residual group content within the sausages. This study provides a basis for getting ready healthier alternatives to ancient sausages by subbing pork fat with mushrooms.


Mushroom, Sausage, Group residue, Meat product.


Sausage may be a standard meat product factory-made from completely different meat species like pork, beef, chicken, fish, and buffalo. This type of meat product has necessary amount for the meat-packing trade and is relished by shoppers round the world for its delicious style and high nutrition. so as to supply the sausages with prime quality, group is wide used as a preservative that may management foodborne pathogens. Moreover, the extra operate of the nitrites is to forestall macromolecule reaction and rancidity, facilitate stabilization of the brilliant red color, and guarantee a typical “cured” flavor. To fight against macromolecule reaction, the nitrites may well be related to the binding of haem and stop the discharge of the chemical action iron. For keeping the brilliant red color of meat merchandise, the nitrites will bind to haemoprotein, forming the heat-stable (Ozaki et al., 2021).

However, because of the reaction between nitrites and macromolecule parts in meat leading to the matter nitrosamine formation, the nitrites are classified as doubtless malignant neoplastic disease agents by the International Agency for Cancer analysis of World Health Organizations (WHO). Consequently, it's necessary to get healthier meat merchandise with a coffee content of residual group while not compromising the standard of the sausage (Perea-Sanz et al., 2020).

Recently, researchers have centered on finding ways in which to decrease the extra content of group in meat merchandise, particularly substitution it with natural resources like vegetables, mushroom, and their extracts. for example, Tang reported that the mixture of Flos Sephora and chili pepper will improve redness and scale back macromolecule reaction of the meat product to interchange group in processed meat. Vegetable powder extracted from radish and beetroot will substitute group in sausage and increase the load loss of sausages (Sebranek & Bacus, 2007).

However, the studies on mushroom sausages have chiefly centered on the nutritionary parts and sensory analysis of the sausages and fewer focused on reducing the content of group by adding edible mushrooms to sausage. There are some studies on Thai hard sausage that specialize in starter culture, sausage quality, and formulation and fermentation time. However, usually the merchandise contains a high quantity of saturated fat. This project aimed to use a healthy economical ingredient like the agaric to develop a healthier various to the standard hard sausage product. Six samples of sausages were created supported the foremost accepted oyster-mushroom-to- cooked-rice quantitative relation, victimization 5 forms of rice (jasmine, brown bush, glutinous, black viscid and Japanese rice) and one style of wheat. Fermentation followed and therefore the samples were tested within the same fashion as represented (Stoica et al., 2022).

For the sensory, the most effective formulation for the addition of PO was that not solely increased the looks and overall acceptableness, however conjointly gave it an improved aroma and flavor. Supported these results the PO sausage during this study was with success developed to reinforce the standard and nutritionary worth and scale back the residual group content and macromolecule reaction throughout the storage of sausage (Wang et al., 2019).


Therefore the entire variety of microorganism colonies was recognized as a vital parameter to judge the shelf- life stability. The entire variety of microorganism colonies in every cluster multiplied considerably. Compared to the supplement teams and therefore the management cluster there was no important distinction within the total variety of microorganism colonies of sausage indicating that PO had no important result on the entire variety of microorganism colonies of sausage. The sausage ready during this study was steamed sausage, that wasn't Chinese sausage and this type of product commonly features a high water content and short period of time. Therefore, it's acceptable for the merchandise. Conclusions a unique sausage incorporated with Pleaurotus ostreatus (PO) puree was created during this study. The PO improved the content of wetness and amino acids, lightness, elasticity, and water holding capability of the sausage whereas reducing the content of macromolecule, fat, and ash, pH, redness, hardness, gumminess and chewiness.


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