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African Journal of Food Science and Technology

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Short Communication - African Journal of Food Science and Technology ( 2021) Volume 12, Issue 6

Brief discussion on food processing and packaging

Abelardo Miller
1Department of Food Technology, Nanjing Agricultural University, China

Received: 06-Jul-2021 Published: 30-Jul-2021


  • Widely used since the late Nineteen Nineties, changed atmosphere packaging could be a technique for conserving recent or processed foods. So as to satisfy shopper expectations and therefore the constraints of property, the intelligent application of hurdle technology has to be more developed. A range of major preservative technologies presently exist, and therefore the packaging-gas couple should also become a key technology.

Short Communication


Present work reports on synthesis and anti-biofilm activity similarly as food packaging application of Ag–ZnO– reduce graphene compound (rGO)–polyethylene glycol (PEG) (AZGP) nanocomposites via adopting temperature resolution method by variable nitrate content with mounted content of graphene compound and PEG employed in the precursors Atanu, et al. (2018). The nonconductor properties of the food materials play dominant role for microwave heating. The nonconductor properties vary supported the character of the food materials, salt content, sugar content, alternative ingredients, and state of food materials (frozen and packaged). Numerous microwave process ways like microwave thawing, microwave blanching, microwave sterilization, microwave sterilization, microwave drying, and microwave preparation area unit used for frozen and packaged food materials Didier, (2019). It's important to stay this prime quality throughout storage by mistreatment applicable packaging materials and technologies. Most of the studies have targeted on the results of PEF process on the inactivation dynamics of microorganims and enzymes, and quality parameters of the foods. Plastics’ connexion is employed wide in food process applications for the packaging of more and more various food merchandise. Optical maser transmission attachment is a beautiful proposition for such applications because it will considerably cut back tooling prices and potential time period at product changeovers. So as to fulfil this promise in industrial surroundings, a good suggests that of method parameter prediction is needed. Processed foods area unit the main contributors towards Na intake thereby pre-disposing people towards risk of Diet connected Non-communicable Diseases (DR-NCDs). There's scarcity of information on Na and metallic element content of processed packaged foods in India Punathil & Basak. A replacement experimental method, here given, collects the packaged waste product from retailers, moves it to distribution centres, so ships it to a sorting facility wherever the food is separated from its packaging. The sorted packaging materials area unit then sent to specific usage or energy recovery centres, which means that solely alittle quantity of packaging material is disposed of in lowland.In this study, the environmental performance of this innovative method is compared with the impacts generated by disposal in lowland mistreatment the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology. Hard-hitting process is AN rising food preservation technology that causes token product quality loss: Food packaged and hard-hitting processed keep most of their organic process qualities, additionally to extending their period. However, the choice of packaging materials appropriate for this technology becomes extraordinarily necessary, since process will cause changes within the visual aspects and within the chemical science and mechanical properties of the materials, compromising the period and safety of hardhitting processed foods somehow.


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