Thermoprocessment of tambaqui fish in tucupi sauce | 18285
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Thermoprocessment of tambaqui fish in tucupi sauce


Nhavoto VM, Carpio KCR, Inhamuns AJ

Canning of juvenile tambaqui (Colossoma macropomum) was carried out using "tucupi" cover dressing (regional sauce) and the acceptability of the preserve was tested. Cans were thermally processed at 121°C for 20 mins, 25 mins and 30 mins. The "in natura" centesimal composition and the products were determined according to A.O.A.C, commercial sterility and microbiological quality was verified and the Kruskal-Wallis ANOVA was used to evaluate the results of the study. Cans with heat treatment of 121°C for 30 mins showed better bone decalcification and its centesimal composition was 71.29% of humidity; 20.98% protein; 5.87% lipids; 1.75% ash and TCV (Total Caloric Value) of 138 Kcal EB.100 g-1. All canned tambaqui fish had an acceptance index above 95% and intention to buy above 5 (would eat frequently). The "tucupi" sauce was approved by 100% of the evaluators and its use for canning has the advantage of the great availability of the raw material (wild cassava), resulting in a low production cost and a new type of product offering to the consumers.

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