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The role of University administrations in termination campus violence at the Jordanian Universities


Dr. Bassam Mahmoud Bani Yaseen and Dr. Mahmoud Hassan Ajlouni

The major purpose of the present study is to identify the role of university administration in dealing with violence problem among college students in Jordan by finding out the contributing factors to violence in the Jordanian universities so as to suggest a number of effectively suitable measures for university administrations to use with university violence for eliminating or limiting outspread of this problem. The total sample of the study was eleven universities were randomly selected out of twenty five universities. The sample (N=504) were randomly selected who assume positions of dean, deputy dean, department chair, and student council member in the sampled universities. The finding shows that the Tribal mentality and parochial fanaticism" was estimated top (M=4.34, SD=.92), followed by "Poor social maturity and low sense of responsibility among students" (M=4.30, SD=.82), and thirdly was "Misuse of cellular phones by students" (M=4.25, SD=.97). "Costly life standards and economic inflation" (M=3.45, SD=1.13) was placed in the last rank, indicating moderate contribution to student violence by this item. The findings related to administrative procedures" area related to the academic Units and Faculties" Shows that "Educational role of faculties in classroom and adjusting negative behaviors" was placed first (M=3.79, SD=1.09) implying that the academic units and faculties have great part to play in reducing student violence , "Promote student awareness to concepts of democracy and accept opinion of majority" was ranked secondly (M=3.76, SD=1.15) "Strengthening cooperation between administrators and faculties" (M=3.68, SD=1.13) was ranked in the third place, and" Reconsideration of student schedule so that to ensure academic involvement of student" was in the last place (M=3.43, SD=1.11) at a moderate degree.

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