The Rise and Impact of Generic Drugs in Modern Healthcare | 101192
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The Rise and Impact of Generic Drugs in Modern Healthcare


Mohammed Hussain*

The advent of generic drugs has brought about a paradigm shift in modern healthcare by providing an accessible and cost-effective alternative to brand-name medications. These bioequivalent substitutes, developed after the expiration of patent protection, have revolutionized healthcare accessibility, affordability, and competition. This article explores the essential characteristics of generic drugs, delves into their meticulous development and approval process, and highlights their multifaceted benefits. From substantial cost savings to expanded healthcare access, the global impact of generic drugs is profound, particularly in resource-constrained regions and epidemic management. While challenges persist, including quality control and sustainability concerns, the future of generic drugs remains promising with the continued evolution of technology, regulatory policies, and the pursuit of equitable healthcare solutions. In a healthcare landscape constantly seeking balance between innovation and affordability, generic drugs have emerged as a powerful force driving positive change.

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