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Seasonal Variation In The Occurrence Of Forensically Important Insect FaunaAssociatedWith Decomposition Of Pig(Sus scrofa) Carcass In Minna, Nigeria.


Rakhi Khanna.

In Forensic Laboratory Rajasthan, India different types of cases are received in Toxicology Section where the visceral content comprising of Piece of Stomach, Intestine, Liver, Spleen, Kidney, Lungs, Heart, Brain, Blood sample, Urine Sample, Skin piece (injection site or site of Bite) etc is being received for examination. All types of poisons is grouped into metallic poisons, ethyl - methyl alcohol, cyanide, alkaloids, barbiturates, tranquillizers and insecticides are often checked. By far if we go on to see the statistics data In India most of the poisoning cases found positive for Aluminium phosphide and Insecticides, Some cases are of drugs poisoning where the drugs are being used for suicide, murder purpose or due accidental reasons viz. negligence use of drugs during treatment by medical doctors. A scientist has to think about all related aspect along-with analysis to assist the cases to reach at concrete result that help get justice. The wide range of cases of poisoning specifies from cyanide, nitrite, alcohol, insecticide, carbon-monoxide, phosphine, snake venom, medicinal drugs for different purposes Robbery, Murder, Homicide, Suicide etc are quite common. After performing separation and extraction methodologies separation of organic and inorganic poisons took place. The Spectrometry for organic poisons. For inorganic poisons the use of Inductively Coupled Plasma with Mass Spectrophotometer and EDX-8000 and Ion chromatography techniques.

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