Scaling Three Versions of the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Te | 16826
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Scaling Three Versions of the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Test: Examining Ceiling Effects for Identifying Giftedness


Tandra Tyler-Wood, Gerald Knezek, Rhonda Christensen, Cesareo Morales, Peter Dunn-Rankin

Three versions of the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale were administered to 42 children aged 8-14 years who had been referred to the researchers as gifted. Twenty-five subjects were retained in the analysis pool by virtue of scoring 118 or higher on one of the three versions of the Stanford-Binet. Researchers analyzed the scores on the three test versions to better understand the nature of the differences. The L-M version was found to have a greater range (higher ceiling) than the Fourth Edition or the Fifth Edition of the Stanford-Binet. The children averaged 136.84 (SD = 15.68) on the L-M version, 129.52 (SD = 9.73) on the Fourth Edition, and 124.24 (SD = 9.66) on the Fifth Edition. A re-norming process is recommended to establish appropriate criteria for gifted placement.

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