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Relationship marketing in philanthropy organizations


Tanti Handriana and Yetty Dwi Lestari

The purpose of this study is to investigate the role of donor gratitude in relationship marketing in nonprofit organizations within the B2C relationship context in Indonesia. Relationship marketing is required not only in profit organizations, but also in nonprofit organizations. On the other hand, gratitude is a positive emotion and an important construct for understanding the effectiveness of relationship marketing.This study uses a survey method and the research samples are individual donors of philanthropy organizations. The numbers of respondents are 507. Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) is selected as the technique of analysis. This research examines 7 hypotheses where 6 of them are supported. They are (1) the impact of donor gratitude on trust; (2) the impact of trust on relationship commitment; (3) the impact of relationship commitment on cooperation; (4) the impact of relationship commitment on intention to redonate; (5) the impact of trust on cooperation; and (6) the impact of trust on intention to redonate. Based on this result,it can be concluded that the effect of donor gratitude on intention to redonate is indirect, that is through trust variable. The contribution of this study is mainly in broadening the application of social exchange theory and relationship marketing concept.

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