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Production of cookies from sorghum-pigeon pea flour under different processing methods


Jimoh, M.O* and Popoola, Y.B

Consumption of sorghum has been linked to reduced risk of some cancers in humans. However, sorghum contains 60-80 % starch and thus needs to be fortified with affordable source of other essential nutrients needed particularly by children. In view of this, this research is to evaluate the nutritional and functional properties of sorghum-pigeon pea flour under different processing methods and to determine acceptability of cookies made from the composite flour. The composite flour of different ratio (100%, 90:10%, 80:20%, 70:30%, 60:40%) from blends of sorghum and pigeon pea flour are produced. At 5% level of significance, proximate analysis revealed that moisture content, ash content, fat content, crude fibre, protein content and carbohydrate content ranged from 7.66-10.23%, 2.242.94%, 4.18-8.13%, 1.64-2.12%, 9.23-18.94%, and 61.16-71.83% respectively; Mineral analysis of the composite flours pointed out that calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, magnesium and potassium content ranged from 92.20137.62 mg/100g, 1.94- 2.81 mg/100 g, 3.02-5.61 mg/100 g, 2.03-3.41 mg/100 g, 120.41-149.63 mg/100 g and 124.14-290.11 mg/100 g respectively; and Functional properties of the flours showed that bulk density, water absorption capacity, oil absorption capacity, dispersibility, swelling power and water solubility index ranged from 0.50-0.65 g/ml, 160-190 g/ml, 141-171 g/ml, 70-76%, 5.15-8.47 g/g and 2.62-5.21% respectively. Consumer perception of the products indicated that cookies with up to 20% pigeon pea were most preferred and accepted.

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