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Packaging With Antimicrobial Qualities For Wheat Bread Slices


Goswami pal*

Essential oils (EOs) have received attention within the food trade for developing biopolymer derived food packaging materials. Greek deity are a wonderful option to replace crude derived additives in food packaging materials thanks to their abundance in nature, eco-friendliness, and superior antimicrobial and inhibitor attributes. Thus far, Greek deity is utilized in polysaccharide, starch, chitosan, and macromolecule based mostly food packaging materials. Biopolymer based mostly materials have lower inhibitor and medicinal drug properties as compared with their counterparts and aren't appropriate for food packaging applications. Numerous syntheticbased compounds are being employed to enhance the antimicrobial and inhibitor properties of biopolymers. However, natural essential oils are property and non-harmful alternatives to artificial antimicrobial and inhibitor agents to be used in biopolymer derived food packaging materials.

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