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Over view of the progress and challenges of education for all in Nigeria


S. N. Aja, P.I. Eze and Eke Nick

The work examined the progress and challenges of Education For All (EFA) in Nigeria against the backdrop of how far the EFA goals have been achieved. Despite the enormous progress recorded so far by the introduction of the Universal Basic Education (UBE) in Nigeria, it was observed that the possibility of achieving the six EFA goals in Nigeria by 2015 is not feasible. The problems militating against the realization of EFA goals in Nigeria among other things include the fact that the provision of early childhood or pre-school education is largely undertaken by private individuals or organization. The Universal Basic Education (UBE) programme was not actually performing on its mandate because of the harsh economic realities of parents which have forced many school age children out of school in search of means of livelihood through hawking or other menial jobs. Not until the new and expanded UBE curriculum become fully operational, the present curriculum does not adequately cater for the learning needs of the youths and adults as evidenced by the high rate of unemployment in the country. The quality of the Universal Basic Education is impaired by the near absence of educational resources especially in the rural communities. It is based on these observable problems that the following recommendations were made for a way forward: Adequate funding of education, provision of more educational resources, effective implementation of the new UBE curriculum and realistic planning, regular monitoring and supervision of schools/instructional programmes, effective Guidance and Counseling services in school and moral instruction for positive attitudinal change among school staff and students. Above all Education For All is the responsibility of all citizens. If everybody does what he or she is expected to do patriotically, the goals of EFA will be achieved in Nigeria.

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