Optimization of callus induction in Lathyrus sativus L | 16340
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Optimization of callus induction in Lathyrus sativus L


Swapan K. Tripathy, Digbijaya Swain, Prasanna K. Mishra, Bhabendra Baisakh and Sasmita Dash

Callus induction from internode explants of Lathyrus sativus L. cv. Nayagarh local was tested in different media (MS, LS, BM, B5 and W) with different combination of auxins and cytokinins. Overall callus induction frequency and callus growth was very high in B5 and BM medium. 2, 4-D was found to be effective for callus induction and growth, both in amount and rate, followed by NAA in all media tested. Maximum callusing response was revealed in B5 medium with 2mg/l 2,4-D+0.5mg/l BAP fallowed by B5 + 2mg/l NAA + 0.5mg/l BAP, but the latter most frequently induced greenish white to dark green, loose, nodular and hard calli suitable for plant regeneration and genetic transformation.

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