Learning difficulties in English: Diagnosis and pedagogy in | 17120
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Learning difficulties in English: Diagnosis and pedagogy in Saudi Arabia


Intakhab Alam Khan

Teaching of English as a Foreign Language is always a challenging task. English in Saudi Arabia serves a very limited purpose. Yet, it is very important for social as well as technological development. Therefore, English language teaching in this country in particular catches attention of many researchers. Teaching of English in Saudi starts at the school level. Despite good overall planning, purposive curriculum, integrated textbooks, qualified teachers, achievement is below the expectations. Therefore, diagnostic studies should better be undertaken in different language areas and skills so that the teacher may know the types of the problems and the corresponding factors. Such attempts are expected to be helpful in possible evolution of some fruitful and compatible strategies in order to yield the maximum academic output. Pedagogues have different views regarding English Language Teaching which may occasionally involve translation from First language to the target language and vice versa. On the other hand, the idea of Communicative approach to Language Teaching (CALT) is also significant in order to focus the skills. However, Bilingual approach can also be used as an alternative strategy.

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