Investigating the State of Knowledge of the Physics Concepts | 17352
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Investigating the State of Knowledge of the Physics Concepts by UAE University Students


*Ehab Malkawi, I. M. Obaidat and N. Qamhieh

We investigate the level of understanding of the basic physics concepts by students taking the introductory physics course in Mechanics at United Arab Emirates University (UAEU). Based on a short research-based multiple-choice test, we extract information about the level of knowledge of the students. In general, the students were found to have a poor understanding of Kinematics and Force-Motion relation. The results of the test have been analyzed by using the mathematical functions, concentration factor C and concentration deviation Γ ΓΓ Γ as function of the score S (percentage of students responded to the correct answer). The results show that our students may hold particular incorrect models in both topics. Nevertheless, student responses to some of these questions which deal with Newton’s II law show relatively good performance.

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