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Internet use among the faculty members and the students in the Professional Colleges at Tirunelveli Region: an analytical study


S. Thanuskodi

Internet is the gateway for libraries and information centers to enter the Electronic Information Era and is providing the information, generated by different organizations, institutions, research centers and individuals all over the world. This paper is an attempt to investigate the use of Internet among the faculty member and the students of Tirunelveli Region in Tamil Nadu. For this purpose a survey was carried out using questionnaire tool. A well structured questionnaire was distributed among the 400 teachers and students of all the professional colleges in Tirunelveli Region. The response rate was 90 per cent. The present study demonstrates and elaborates the various aspects of Internet use such as, frequency of Internet use, most frequently used place for Internet use, purposes for which the Internet is used, use of Internet services, ways to browse the information from the Internet, problems faced by the users and satisfaction level of users with the Internet facilities provided in the colleges. The findings indicated that 48.89% of respondents use internet from 1-3 years, 22.77 % of respondents use internet from more than 5years. The study reveals that more than one third of the respondents (37.23%) acquired their internet skill through training from the college. The study found that most of the respondents 50.83% use internet for presenting paper.

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